December 17th 2019
How much does the UK spend over Christmas?

Deloitte’s Christmas Survey conducted in 2018 found that UK customers spend an average of £567 over Christmas, over 42% more than the European average of £400. This was the highest amount next to Spain (£526) and Austria (£475). But where exactly is our money being spent?

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December 4th 2018
Movie Liability: Missed insurance claims in Tinseltown

Is Christmas really Christmas without the classic films that seem to have been with us forever? There are few better feelings over the festive period than cosying up with snacks in front of our favourite flicks. For the characters involved, though, it’s stressful, humiliating and often painful. Without further ado, we take a look at some […]

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December 19th 2017
Christmas Casualties

Every year around Christmas more than 80,000 people are admitted to hospital for treatment of falls, cuts and burns, according to the NHS.

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December 5th 2017
Keeping things merry at the office Christmas party

Office Christmas parties are as traditional as mince pies and terrible TV at this time of year. But business owners should keep these top tips in mind to ensure it all goes off without a hitch

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December 13th 2016
Check Your Christmas Insurance List Twice

The fridge is stocked, the bar is full, and the rails and shelves are groaning under the weight of a pre-emptive Christmas spending spree. And then, disaster strikes in one form or another.

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