Christmas Casualties
19th December 2017

Every year around Christmas more than 80,000 people are admitted to hospital for treatment of falls, cuts and burns, according to the NHS.

While we’re rushing around like headless chickens and consuming 265 million pints of pure alcohol (DrinkAware 2009), we put ourselves in harm’s way more than normal come the festive season.

A survey from The National Accident Helpline shows just how accident prone we become when December rolls in:

Preparation mishaps

1 in 10 respondents spilled hot fat on themselves

18% cut themselves while prepping vegetables

Almost 3% got a shock from dodgy fairy lights

Just over 2% fell through the loft when retrieving decorations

6 million fell off a stool or ladder while decking the halls

600,000 people got burnt while roasting chestnuts

Injuries sustained when out and about

Nearly a third slipped on ice

700,000 people were injured in a sale rush

Home emergencies

400,000 Christmas turkeys have been burnt

500,000 people have had a gas emergency

The same number have had a fire

Try and take care this Christmas. If you can’t guarantee you or your possessions won’t meet with an accident, as none of us can, at least check you’re covered with insurance. If you are unsure on this feel free to drop the office a line on 01442 286910 or email us

From all of us at EIC Insurance, we wish all our friends, clients and contacts a very Merry (and safe!) Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

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