April 8th 2019
£250bn+ worth of contents are not insured, and other stats

In today’s world, we have a better understanding of the value of our possessions, the threat of risks like fires or the weather, and are more aware when it comes to protecting our properties from would-be thieves. Yet despite all this, 28% of us don’t have a home contents insurance policy in place and £266bn […]

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November 6th 2018
Up your household security for autumn and winter

The end of British Summer Time signifies shorter days, longer nights and a 20% rise in home burglaries across the UK. The aftermath of a break-in can be devastating and often leaves homeowners feeling unsafe in their own homes.

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October 23rd 2018
Your Halloween Survival Guide: Keep your home safe this ‘All Hallows Eve’

Halloween can be traced back as far as the ancient festival of Samhain when, on the 31st of October, the ghosts of the dead would revisit the mortal world. To ward off any evil spirits in their midst, large bonfires were lit in each village. Druids then walked from house-to-house with embers from the sacred bonfire […]

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October 9th 2018
Attack of the autumn leaves – Avoiding blocked drains

Autumn is upon us, the nights are drawing in and we’re begrudgingly packing away our shorts and flip-flops for another year in place of cosy jumpers, winter coats and knitted scarves. Whilst autumn has its upsides, those crispy golden leaves can become quite a nuisance. Yes, we’re talking about blocked drains…

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March 14th 2017
Do’s and Don’ts: Specialist Horsebox Insurance

There’s no doubt about it, horses are expensive. From livery, tack and feed to vet and farrier bills, equine fans know the costs of looking after a horse can add up. Whilst there are money-saving measures you can put in place to help reduce the bills, such as sharing services with other riders and buying […]

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February 14th 2017
The most romantic day is upon us!

More than one in four women can expect to receive jewellery as a gift on Valentine’s Day and for some that could be an expensive engagement ring.

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