Do’s and Don’ts: Specialist Horsebox Insurance
14th March 2017

There’s no doubt about it, horses are expensive. From livery, tack and feed to vet and farrier bills, equine fans know the costs of looking after a horse can add up.

Whilst there are money-saving measures you can put in place to help reduce the bills, such as sharing services with other riders and buying bedding in bulk, there are some things that you just can’t do without.

When it comes to transporting your horse in your own trailer or truck, don’t forget that specialist horsebox insurance is an equestrian essential.  So with the Cheltenham festival starting today, here are EIC Insurance’s Do’s and Don’ts on arranging specialist Horsebox Insurance

DON’T: assume regular vehicle insurance will cover youIt might sound obvious, but horseboxes, horse trailers and dedicated horse trucks need their own policies above and beyond car, van or caravan trailer insurance. Transporting horses in an under-insured horse trailer can be dangerous – if your horses are your livelihood you could be putting your business and financial future at risk if there is an accident. What’s more, insuring your vehicle ensures it is kept to suitable standards, as a badly maintained trailer is potentially dangerous – both for the horses inside and for other road users.

On the roads, these large and sometimes cumbersome trailers and horseboxes can increase the risk of an accident, especially if you are not used to manoeuvring them. Some insurers also offer specialist horsebox breakdown cover, offering to recover both your trailer and horses as well as taking specialist measures to ensure your animals’ safety.

DO: consider the value of your horsebox and its contents Horseboxes are high value vehicles, often with expensive tack and other contents inside – not to mention your valuable horses themselves. This means they are often targeted by thieves. If you have a detachable horse box, make sure to use a trailer hitch lock for maximum security, whilst putting prominent identifying marks on your vehicle can also put off thieves.

DON’T: forget international travelIt can be easily overlooked, but if you plan to attend events in Europe remember to check your cover is valid outside of the UK.

DO: adapt your cover if you’ll be hiring out your horseboxThough transport experts tend to be wary of amateurs hiring out specialist vehicles, renting out your trailer can actually be a great way to pay off its initial costs. If that’s your plan, make sure you are covered – if you hire it out for money, you will need a commercial policy. To work as a professional horse transporter you must be fully insured.

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