Behind the mask: Do superheroes need insurance?
25th September 2018

Just because someone wears a mask and lives in a bat cave, it doesn’t mean that they’re exempt from the repercussions of damaging both public and private property. Movies show superheroes crashing through windows, obliterating skyscrapers and throwing cars through the air as if they were made from foam, which, come to think of it…

Beneath the veilIn a number of cases—usually as a result of bank robberies or theft—it would actually be much cheaper and safer for the banks to hand over the cash and write it off rather than having to deal with the repercussions of a muscle-bound egotist bursting through their walls, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage. As one senior male quoted during our investigation, ‘we do have a door, you know.’

This makes you wonder if superheroes are so super after all. Their actions have probably put many small businesses in the comic universe out of business. So what if they were finally to be held accountable for their actions?

Well, superheroes have alluded to insurance in the past so we’ve drafted up what a potential policy would look like in the comic universe.

Superhero Insurance

We can arrange insurance to cover your unique service, with a team of advisors trained to be discreet and vigilant. Superheroes are subject to a number of risks in their line of work, from the potential of a public backlash due to accidental destruction of their entire city or ruining family holidays by breaking their favourite passenger ship in half. We’ll find you tailored cover to give you the peace of mind that you’re financially protected, whether you’re battling supervillains or relaxing in your favourite hideout.

Key features of Superhero Insurance:

  • Cost of clean-up, repair & materials
  • Reputational damage
  • Liability/compensation
  • High-value vehicles cover
  • Gadget – choice of repairer and replacement
  • Business interruption due to temporary loss of superpowers

It’s also probably worth checking which country the superhero operates in before implementing such cover. Many countries have laws in place which prevent someone from being held liable if the damage was done whilst the perpetrator was saving a life. These are often referred to as ‘Good Samaritan Laws’ which, in truth, would let the majority of caped crusaders off the hook.

So now superheroes—and the businesses affected by their haphazard actions—have a solution to live in harmony.

In conclusion…Whilst it’s unlikely your business will be affected by residual damage from an epic superhero battle anytime soon, the world is full of tangible danger including fires, floods, vandalism and cyber crime. It’s wise to cover your business against these very real threats so that you’re covered if something does go wrong. To find out how EIC Insurance Services can help arrange comprehensive protection for your business, contact us either via email or by calling the office on 01442 286910.

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