Tradesman & Professional Liability Insurance

There are very few organisations, professionals or tradesmen for which liability is not relevant in some form. Most will need Employers’ Liability, and some may need a combination which also includes Product and Public Liability. Whichever is true for your business depends on what you do, how you do it, and whether you have people helping.

With Liability Insurance arranged by EIC, you can expect valuable support at a potentially critical time. A customer is threatening to sue due to product mislabeling, and an employee is taking legal action claiming unfair dismissal – at EIC, these are the kind of scenarios we look at, making recommendations and searching for liability insurance to help you ensure that if it does come down to it, you do have the protection you need.

Speak to our advisers at EIC to discuss what liability areas are most suited to you and your business, and we’ll look into how we can best accommodate your requirements.

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