February 28th 2020
10 reasons for professional indemnity insurance

If a company is providing advice, design, skills or knowledge in a professional capacity, or handling intellectual property, they are wholly responsible for getting it right. Professional Indemnity (PI) covers the insured against their legal liability to compensate third parties for injury, loss or damage due to a breach of duty in the conduct of […]

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February 11th 2019
Claims against architects: the lowdown on protecting your profession

Architects are relied upon in many construction projects, from drawing up initial plans to build a structure, specifying materials to use and overseeing the overall project to its completion. Yet it’s often one single person carrying this responsibility, and mistakes can always happen.

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April 24th 2018
Do I need professional indemnity insurance if I’m self-employed?

More and more of us are discovering the joys of working for ourselves, leaving traditional workplaces to become self-employed or start our own small companies. Since 2008, the number of freelancers working in the UK has increased 36% from 1.4million to a staggering 1.91million.

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February 28th 2017
Cyber attacks on small businesses on the increase

The number of small businesses falling victim to cyber attacks is on the rise throughout the world, the Telegraph reports.

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