May 2nd 2023
Do you have small business insurance in place?

Starting your own business is a daunting prospect, to say the least, but surely with the right protection in place, you should be able to proceed with a little more confidence? That’s why you may be surprised to learn that in a recent survey by AXA UK, only 26% of small business owners had small […]

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March 21st 2023
10 Reasons to use an Insurance Broker for peace of mind when it comes to insurance coverage

Are you looking for the right level of insurance coverage but don’t want to spend too much time and effort on it? An insurance broker may help you find a better deal, navigate complicated coverage options, and give you peace of mind with impartial advice. Here are 10 reasons why you should use an insurance […]

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August 8th 2022
Are you underinsured?

Did you know that in 2022, fewer than one in ten properties are sufficiently insured? To ensure your cover is right, it’s worth having a conversation with your broker or insurance provider.

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June 30th 2022
EIC Walkathon

The team at EIC have challenged ourselves to complete a 26.2 miles walkathon, in support of Chilterns MS Centre and @Kickoff@3 to help them both with their ongoing amazing work.

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September 23rd 2020
High court rules in favour of policyholders in FCA case

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on major disruption for business owners in the UK, through widespread closures and a flurry of new safety practices and regulations upon reopening. This has resulted in a significant monetary loss for many businesses, some of which have been unable to reopen as a result of the impact of the […]

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August 11th 2020
How much would it cost to rebuild your property?

There’s been a lot to think about and adjust to over the COVID-19 pandemic and if you’re moving home, it can be easy to overlook the finer details. However, there are some things that you absolutely need to get right first time around.

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April 2nd 2020
Reasons to be cheerful amidst COVID-19

As we enter deeper into unchartered waters, COVID-19 is certainly testing our ability to rise to new challenges and face adversity during these unusual and isolating times. Amongst all of this, it’s worth remembering that this will pass. In the meantime, we explore some of the positive outcomes which have arisen from the changes we’ve […]

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March 26th 2020
Tackling the rise of cybercrime during the coronavirus pandemic

As millions of employees are now working from home, many companies have been forced to actively tackle the excess strain on their VPNs and other systems.

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February 28th 2020
10 reasons for professional indemnity insurance

If a company is providing advice, design, skills or knowledge in a professional capacity, or handling intellectual property, they are wholly responsible for getting it right. Professional Indemnity (PI) covers the insured against their legal liability to compensate third parties for injury, loss or damage due to a breach of duty in the conduct of […]

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January 21st 2020
Are price comparison sites pushing up the cost of insurance?

Have you ever used a price comparison site? Most people have, as, on the surface, they look like they’re showing you the best value insurance quotes on the market. Due to the sheer volume of people who buy their cover through price comparison sites, many insurers have been backed into a corner and are forced […]

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