Retail & Offices Insurance

Despite all coming under the same insurance umbrella, shops and offices are unlikely to face the same precise risks, even if they’re operating in the same sector.

It’s not our job at EIC to standardize the risks of your business, but to make ourselves aware of them, and how we can search and negotiate our way to an insurance policy that protects against them.

A single point of contact from within our team of experts will be best placed to tell you which cover will be useful where, from the range designed for specific businesses such a stock cover for a shop.

If you need to make a claim against your policy, you can be confident that the insurance you have in place had been matched to your requirements, and you have an expert who knows your business, working towards a quick resolution through a fair settlement.

Talk us through your business, whether you run a retail outlet or a business park and we’ll advise on an insurance solution that will best fit.

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