Professional Indemnity Insurance

Even the most confident architects, dietitians or mortgage advisers, who have been delivering their services for many years, can make mistakes. Unfortunately, it might only occur to these professionals and many others to take out a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy after a bad experience.

If a client or customer makes a claim against you, even if it’s unfounded, you could face a financial and reputational rough patch, in which your options are to pay compensation, or pay for your defence.

The best way to stop these claims from slowing up business and disrupting your finances, short of guaranteeing that you will never be accused of making a mistake, is a Professional Indemnity policy.

It can be relatively simple for one of our team members at EIC to arrange Professional Indemnity Insurance policy to offer you protection, and for any requirements which are more complex, we have access to specialist insurers who may also have a product which is just right for you.

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