2017’s highest paid film stars
27th February 2018

Lifestyles of the rich and famous have been tabloid magazine fodder for nearly a century, and the who’s who of Hollywood still fascinates us – particularly when it comes to poring over their paychecks.

With awards season upon us, EIC Insurance Services Limited take a look at Forbes’ list of the world’s highest paid actors and actresses in 2017.

Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson lead the male list with over $65 million each, while the run-down of highest paid actresses is topped by Emma Stone after her turn in La La Land. Brit Emma Watson is the only newcomer.

Top 20 Highest Paid Actors and Actresses in 2017

  1. Mark Wahlberg – $68 million
  2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – $65 million
  3. Vin Diesel – $54.5 million
  4. Adam Sandler – $50.5 million
  5. Jackie Chan – $49 million
  6. Robert Downey, Jr. – $48 million
  7. Tom Cruise – $43 million
  8. Shah Rukh Khan – $38 million
  9. Salman Khan – $37 million
  10. Akshay Kumar – $35.5 million
  11. Chris Hemsworth – $31.5 million
  12. Tom Hanks – $31 million
  13. Samuel L. Jackson – $30.5 million
  14. Ryan Gosling – $29 million
  15. Emma Stone – $26 million
  16. Jennifer Aniston – $25.5 million
  17. Jennifer Lawrence – $24 million
  18. Ryan Reynolds – $21.5 million
  19. Matt Damon – $21 million
  20. Jeremy Renner – $19 million

Gender pay gap

The list highlights a significant gender disparity, with the top 20 list once again dominated by male stars.

The top 10 highest-paid actors banked a cumulative $488.5 million in 2017 – nearly three times the $172.5 million combined total of the 10 top-earning women.

Though Emma Stone was this year’s best-paid actress, she only comes in at No. 15 when factored in with the men. Forbes suggests this is down to role creation.

“There are simply fewer main female characters in the superhero movies and blockbusters that pay the sizeable back end profits that result in leading men’s large paydays, or the franchise sequels that permit aggressive negotiation for future instalments. According to a 2016 study, women comprise just 28.7% of all speaking roles in movies.”

Are movie stars self-employed?

It’s well known that actors are often out of work. While the stars on this list are unlikely to worry about their next role, how do actors protect themselves from being unable to work?

From personal accident and life insurance to high-profile celebs taking out cover for their most-prized body parts, actors can also benefit from specialist providers which understand the need for flexibility – for example, car insurance which allows them to drive for auditions and jobs.

Want to find out more about protecting your own finances? Then contact us either via email or call the office on 01442 286910.

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