How to make your small business seem BIGGER
16th January 2018

Whether you’re trying to convince an investor to back your business or want to win over clients from a larger competitor, SMEs can sometimes suffer from appearing like small fish in a big pond.

So how do you boost confidence in your service and avoid the hesitation some might feel about working with a new or unknown provider?

Surprisingly, the way you present your business can seriously impact how customers and investors regard it. Here are EIC Insurance’s top 5 tips to make your small business appear bigger than it is…

  1. What’s in a name?While it’s important to reflect your business and what it does, choosing a very specific name can imply you have limited or narrow capabilities, rather than room for growth. Choose a business name which sounds like it
  2. Is that name in your email address?You may be a sole trader, but using a personal email address does not suggest professionalism – and may make clients reluctant to send official documents or discuss confidential contracts.
  3. How’s your website looking?An outdated site suggests you aren’t bothered about growing beyond your local area – or worse, that you are disreputable. A well-designed site acts like an online shop front to showcase your service or products.
  4. Talking of tech…A Google search is often the first port of call for potential customers – do you show up on the first page of search results? Making sure you can be found online legitimises your business to searchers.
  5. Provide a landline numberIt’s understandable that if you run a business from home, your mobile phone may be your preferred contact number – but it gives you away as a small-scale business with no physical headquarters.And finally…

From legally-required insurance policies to sector-specific Business Insurance covers, nothing says amateur like failing to protect your business from legal claims and financial problems. Make sure your protection is complete and up-to-date with individual advice from EIC Insurance – you can contact us either by email or call the office on 01442 286910

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